The Lavelle Family

What I loved most about my session with the Lavelle's was getting to know little Delaney and Dex. My husband and I have been friends with parents Kari and Ned for years but I hadn't had many interactions with their children. Well let me tell you, they are really something special. These two were off and running the second I got there but that initial nervous energy over seeing a big camera quickly turned into some really sweet moments. It was so great to see Delaney (7 years old) show such creativity in her play and always include her little brother. Then Dex's (5 years old) sweet shyness melted my heart when he would out of the blue snag someone in the family for a good, long hug. Our session was only an hour but it was clear in that short time that this family laughs, plays, and loves each other a lot! I'm so glad I was able to capture some of that. Here are some images from their session.