The Swogger Family

When Tegra asked me to do a session with her, her husband Steve, and her babies Madeline (2.5 years old) and Calvin (8 weeks old), I was beyond excited! She's been one of my best friends since college and we've been blessed to experience so many fun life stages together- from college days to our weddings to now motherhood. Capturing these images of this sweet time in the Swogger family history was truly special to me. I hope when they look back at these pictures years down the road, they'll remember the sound of Maddie's sweet giggles as her little feet run down the hall to her "big girl room" and what the all-powerful promise of a P. Terry's cheeseburger could do! They can also look back at handsome little Calvin's smile that lights up his eyes and his snuggles that melt mom and dad (and me!) into puddles of mush. 

We started with a home session and finished, at Tegra's request, at the awesome "Hello" mural on Koenig Lane. Here are some images from our session, I hope you love them as much as I do!