The Greer Family

Do you ever hang out with a friend and realize they're actually a superhero? That's how I felt after hanging out with Rachel during her family shoot. This mama is 8 months along with identical twin girls and totally rocking it! She and her husband, Matt, know that these twin baby girls are about to change things pretty drastically for their almost 3 year old daughter Abby and they wanted to do something special just for her before they get here. I loved this idea and was, of course, thrilled when she asked me to help! We met at the park with two big pink balloons for Abby's sisters (the pictures don't do them justice, these things were like huge floating exercise balls!) and captured some really sweet moments. I loved seeing Abby's special bond with her parents- giggles and hugs with Daddy and kisses and comfort with Mommy- these things won't change! So glad I got to document this special time for the Greer family and I can't wait to meet the new babies! Here are some images from our session.