Baby Gwyneth- Fresh 48

One morning last week, I was getting ready for the day and thought, "I'd really like to try doing a Fresh 48 session- I know Gaylann is getting close to her due date, I wonder if she'd be interested?" So I texted her and she replied that yes she was interested and she had just arrived at the hospital... I couldn't help but laugh and think that I must have had some sort of intuition about her timing! This session was meant to be.

A "Fresh 48" session takes place at the hospital within 48 hours of baby's birth so I headed up to the hospital the next morning to spend some time with brand new baby girl (at that point, unnamed!), mom Gaylann, dad Ryan, and big brother Gunnar. It's hard to describe the emotions of wonder, love, shock, and joy that fill the room following the arrival of a new baby- it's all so tender and special. I hope that these images help capture some of that for the Speegle family so that when they get through the sleepless haze of newborn days, they can look back and remember those feelings.