May 2018 Small Business Feature- Heartsong Music

Starting today, each month I will be featuring a local small business or resource that benefits new and expecting mamas in the Austin area.  When I began thinking of places that I might want to feature, the first thing that came to my mind was Heartsong Music.  Heartsong is "a music center—... focused on young children and (bringing) the ideas of Montessori teaching, Music Together, and community-based learning together." But for my little family it has been more than that, it is a way to have shared experiences and bond with my sweet (and then sleepless) baby and to connect with other moms who are in the same stage of life. The music we have learned together have become tools we use daily for learning, distraction (this has saved us on road trips many times!), and entertainment. We started our journey in the Babies Class (pictured below) and have continued on into the Mixed-Age class. Grace loves it so much that one of her first 2 word phrases was "see 'chelle?"- asking to see her much adored teacher, Michelle.

Michelle was kind enough to let me take a few pictures of her babies class and to answer a few questions. Read on below to hear from Michelle!


Q: Tell us a little bit about your business (for example, where you're located, what you offer, how long you have been in business):

A: I'm a certified Music Together teacher and early child music specialist at Heartsong Music (2700 West Anderson Lane suite 320) and Bluebonnet Montessori of Lakeway (15099 Debba Drive). Since Heartsong was opened in 2005, I have been teaching Music Together, a music program for young children and the grown-ups that love them! Music Together is celebrating its 30th year of providing fun, enriching, and playful music experiences to parents and children, facilitating the development of every child's music making abilities while simultaneously supporting other important areas of development - and the parents get to have good time too! Learn more about free demos and classes at Heartsong Music at

Q: Why did you want to start your business or how did you get involved in your current role?

A: I started Music Together as a parent with my then 18 month old son, Jason, who is now 15. One class and I was hooked! Not only did I love the music itself  (it's all so catchy!) and the opportunity to play and improvise with the music during class, but also, it gave me a new way to connect with my son.  I also enjoyed being able to meet new families in a nurturing environment and learn parenting tools just by having fun with music. I was such an enthusiastic parent in class that our teacher, Carey Youngblood (owner/director of Heartsong Music), asked me to become a Music Together teacher and join her in opening what is now Heartsong Music. I did it and I've been teaching ever since!

Q: How does your service benefit new and expecting mothers in the Austin area?

A: Like my own experience, I believe coming to a Music Together class provides a nurturing music making environment for new moms where they learn a different way of connecting with their baby and gain parenting tips and tools, all while playing with music and having fun! A Music Together classroom is also a wonderful place to meet other new moms and their babies and find community, which we all know is so important for our well being. Many meaningful and lasting friendships have started in our Babies classes at Heartsong Music! 

Q: One piece of advice or a favorite product recommendation for new moms?

A: You are your child's most important music teacher! Wait, don't freak out! It's not how well you sing or move, it's only important that you do! When you sing and dance with your child, your child will eventually sing and dance too. They are learning from you the joy and pleasure of music making and at this early age, this is the most important thing. Once your child's fire is lit around music making, they will learn all the skills for themselves. Your children need to see you joyfully participating in singing and dancing, then they need to have plenty of time to experience, explore and experiment with being a music maker themselves. Come try a class and see how easy and fun it is! 

If you're interested in learning more about Heartsong, you can call them at 512-371-9506 or visit their website here to schedule your free demo class:

Heartsong is located at 2700 Anderson Lane (in the Village shopping center).