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May 2018 Small Business Feature- Heartsong Music

Heartsong is "a music center—... focused on young children and (bringing) the ideas of Montessori teaching, Music Together, and community-based learning together." But for my little family it has been more than that, it is a way to have shared experiences and bond with my sweet (and then sleepless) baby and to connect with other moms who are in the same stage of life. The music we have learned together have become tools we use daily for learning, distraction (this has saved us on road trips many times!), and entertainment.

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Favorite Free Family Photo Locations in Austin, Part 1

As Austinites, we're lucky to live in a beautiful city. You can find a photo-worthy spot around every corner but for some reason, when it's time to tell your photographer where you'd like to have your family pictures taken, you draw a blank! I totally get it and I thought I'd share a few ideas here so its easier for you next time.

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